Umbrella Black & Silver 100cm

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Size:Diameter:40″ /100cm (2 Pcs) | Color:Black Silver Black Silver reflective Light Umbrella is a reflective umbrella used as a light modifier for your continuous lighting setup. Umbrellas have a black, opaque cover on the outside, which prevent light from passing through and escaping. Sliver interior brighten the colors,ingive a healthier skin tone to your subjects.They are very easy to assemble and store, which makes them great for beginners as well as traveling photographers or videographers. Features: * Material: nylon material, aluminum shaft. * Inner Lining: Silver for evenly distributed soft light, for contrast and increased highlights. * Outer Lining: Black for keeping unwanted lights from being reflected into your photo. * Works well to diffuse the light from any flash/strobe light and constant light. Package includes: 2x 40 inch Photography Reflective Umbrella

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