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Sevenoak SK-W03 is a professional and precision cam stabilizer designed for stabilizing cameras weighing up to 2.2KG and reducing shaking while moving around. It features with a quick-release camera mounting plate, flexible solid handle grip, side-to-side trim screw, up-and-down trim screw, worm gears design, dovetail supporting bracket, addable counter weight etc. Designed with worm gears inside the trimming screws, it allows the lower spar for 3D rotation. And with the build-in dovetail supporting frame, you can mount it on any flat surface and frees you from fatigue even after long shooting periods. Its flexible solid handle grip allows you for a wide range of motion. Features: Unique dovetail design Build-in dovetail supporting frame Flexible solid handle grip Addable counter weight Precision trimming screws Worm gear deign Support cameras weighing up to 2.25KG
Size: 34*10.5*26 cm
Product weight: 1.67 KG
Max load capacity: 2.25KG

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