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NiceFoto LED Fresnel Light CE-1500WS

Model: CE-1500WS

The Fresnel light is a focusable spotlight which used for film, television, and theater lighting. The light can be adjusted via a knob on the back of the light from “spot” to a narrowly focused beam. This light, LED fresnel light, which use LED lighting board, saves energy, brighter and less heat. Moreover, there comes with an orange color filter, which can change the color temperature.


1.With remote controler, it can control 2 units at the same time.
2.With a output connecting cable, you can control 30 units light at the most on or off at the same time.
3.With 2 diffusers, you can get 5400K or 3200K color temperature light, as you like.
4.Barn door enable you to focus light as you like.

Technical data:

1.Input voltage: AC90-240V, wide power range
2.Output: 150W (Equal to common bulb 1500W)
3. Power variation: 0-100% stepless adjustment
4.Power switch: manual/remote control
5.Working temperature: -20℃-45℃
6.Remote control distance: 30m
7.Brightness: 10000lm
8.LED color temperature: 5400K±200K
9.CRI: Ra>90
10.Illumination angle: 40-80°
11.LED lifespan: >50,000h
12. Difuser color temperature: 3500K±200K

Pack-list Includes:
1. LED Fresnel light CL-1500WS=1pc
2. Output power connecting cable 1.2m+Power cable 3m=1pc
3. Barn door (with soft cloth)=1pc
4. U-shape bracket (with safety rope and locking handle)=1pc
5. Support stand=1pc
6. 3200K tungsten filter=1pc
7. Remote controller=1pc

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