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Product description
Meike MK-A6300 – Battery Holder for Sony a6300 and a6000

1. Allows you to shoot vertically as easily as shooting horizontally

The battery grip features the shutter release button, multi-function control buttons and custom buttons give you the same control experience as horizontal shooting.

2. Camera feed station

Double use time allows you to focus more on shooting, two forms of power, alkaline lithium or AA battery (battery not included), don’t worry about low power again.

3. The balance of the body, as stable as Mount Tai

The telephoto lens tends to have less weight than the body, at this time the camera is easily poured forward, after loading the Metco handle even with a telephoto lens, it is not easy to pour forward.

Specifications: Product
Model: MK-A6300 Pro Vertical Battery Grip.
Compatible with Sony A6000 A6300.
Operating voltage: 7.2 V – 8.4 V.
Operating current: less than 3 A.
Operating temperature: 0 ° to 40 °.
Applicable battery: NP-FW50 lithium ion battery (battery not included).
Weight: about 7.05 oz (batteries not included).
Approximate size: 4,764 x 2,559 x 3,543 in.

Package Includes:
1 x Battery Grip.
1 instruction manual (Spanish language not guaranteed).
1 original packaging.

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