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Description: 1.The Meike battery grip can fit with camera perfectly. Its accuracy and quality can be compared with the product from official original factory. 2.With advanced power management cell, It can ensure lower power consumption and high performance by scientific, innovative and reasonable current design. 3.One view must be recorded accurately. The high speed data process 4.It is equipped with shutter, rotating wheel and other buttons in the vertical and horizontal position. It can be used in multiple directions with multifunction. 5.Somatology design, it can be equipped vertically and horizontally with comfortable and relax hand feel. 6.The dual-battery mode ensures long time shooting. It is indispensable for professional shooting. 7.The battery grip can better balace the imbalance brought by telephoto lens. 8.Strong anti-shake ability makes the focus of the lens more accurate. 9.Operation is convenient, power-saving, flexible and practice. 10.Used with the advanced flame retardant material and strong seamless technology, the skin of the battery grip can ensure safe and durable.

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