Flashlight 5 bulbs – saver

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Tripod: the tripod has a height 2.20 M and has a tail. The material of aluminum. And weighs approximately 5 kg, this tripod is therefore ideal for a stable position suitable
Power: the power cable has a length of 5 M and thus can also be used for various applications. This holds a 3 Ampere Fuse protection of austerity Dauerlichtset Fluorescent lamps Energy saving light bulbs lamps on the head with an ordinary tripod head mounted spigot mounting via. The light head has an E27 lamp socket, but should not be used to Thickness lamps, otherwise may impede the lamps since each other. Screwed into the bracket there are 4 Watt energy saving light bulbs with various benefits. This is one of the adjusting knob Head Lamps specificity is easier. Also the head of lampholders lamps for this model from PC ceramic place, thus the lamp head stable and is tougher.
Softbox: soft box from Nylon-cloth can be mounted quickly, simply because it is Bolted on Head Lamps. Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm. In order to increase the lifespan of the property is located on the top of the vent energy-saving light bulb a softbox. In addition to this there is a reflective silver ribbed inner material layer from the film. These ensure a 25% increase in ige dimmable. The Softbox Diffuser contains an outdoor (external diffuser softbox is fastened by velcro at the). The diffuser Set this very thin and almost Pellucid unlike other models. This enhances the efficacy and ensure, that the preset temperature not changed significantly.
The lamp head is a lever on the bracket, with the inclination angle of the head can adjust the lamps.

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