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[Real gn35iso100 105 mm] Flash GN value, the output of your flash (guide number) and, with their way in. df800ii flash offers a stable current output, the brightness of standard sunlight 5800 K and up, recover faster, while providing the shutter on your Keyholder flash every time.

[/S1/S2 Wireless Flash]/S1/S2 is the one type of flash light tactile psychokinetic bridge. External signal and command the can without the need of light. S1 and has hurassyupuri Luminous function. S2 can also be shutter flash, you can you can effectively prevent the red-eye phenomenon.

[For the ETTL II features] hurassyupuri metering the output automatically against the current flash brightness by light and the camera. But if you shoot with status and convenient, but not a lot, you can not be used, make your Mini100 deviation.
[masutamo-do] The infrared signal by wireless trigger the flash method. As a master light Mini100 other lights that can be individually controlled. Meanwhile, as a slave light, TTL or M file can receive the orders. A variety of light and flexible to use and create a creative Luminous efficiency at the same time.

[Head Rotation] – Horizontal 270 ° vertical rotation from 7 ° up to 90 °.

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